Bazaar & Novelty Nevada Ticket

Bazaar & Novelty Nevada Ticket

Bazaar & Novelty has a wide selection of BN tickets available for your store.  Our ticket payout structure and selection is as follows:



“Tickets may be purchased ONLY by registered and licensed Convenience stores/Gas Stations, Bingo Halls and Charities.  They can NOT be purchased for personal/personal event use as this is against the law.  If you are looking for tickets for fun use only (no money exchanging hands) please check out our Gimme a Break Promo tickets”  

Bazaar & Novelty Break Open Tickets

A detailed breakdown of prize payouts can be provided if requested via email.  The sheet will show each ticket breakdown its prizes and how many winners of each.

BN4 Nevada Tickets $1.00

All That Glitters

Gimme The Cash

BN14 Nevada Tickets

Instant Pay Day

World of Fortune

Reel Jackpot

100’s Gone Wild

Double Diamond

Mega Moolah

Hot For 100’s

BN21 Nevada Tickets

Super Nevada

BN26 Nevada Tickets

Top Heavy

Lots of Cash

BN56 Nevada Tickets $1.00

Hot Balls

Crown Casino

Golf Balls

BN84 Nevada Tickets $1.00

Blazing Balls