Snack Food

Snack Food

Bazaar & Novelty Thunder Bay is a leading Snack Food supplier. From offering Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Perfect Fry Fryers, Pizza Warmers, Nachos, Hot Dog Grills, State Fair Mini Donuts, and Sno-Cones we have you covered. To find out more about what we offer please see below.

Snack food

Cotton Candy/Popcorn

Two classic favourites for all to enjoy – cotton candy and hot popcorn!  Bazaar & Novelty is your “go-to” store for all cotton candy and popcorn supplies.  These two items are extremely profitable and are a must for any snack shack. 

Perfect Fry Fryers/Pizza Warmers

Bazaar & Novelty is the exclusive supplier of hoodless deepfryers in Northwestern Ontario.  The Perfect Fry fryer allows anyone to get into the deep frying busines without the need to install the costly and expensive hood vents.  We have several pizza warmer options to meet your specific needs including some that come with an oven in the bottom to cook a pizza for you.

Nachos/Hot Dog Grills

Bazaar & Novelty has all you need for your grab-and-go nacho needs.  Portion nacho chips, portion/bulk nacho cheese, trays, and more – we have it all.  We also have some top-quality Cretor roller grills to cook hot dogs, smokies, taquitos, roller bites, and more. 

State Fair Mini Donuts/Sno-Cones

Bazaar & Novelty has a new exciting line to add to your quick-serve/snack food operation.  Mini Donuts!  These hot and fresh donuts are easy to use and only require a small oven to warm them up as they come frozen/cooked already.  The oven can make upwards of 1200 donuts an hour and will get you through even the busiest of times.  Another great treat to offer is our line of Sno-Cones!  A great way to cool down on a hot day