Cotton Candy/Popcorn

Cotton Candy

The sweetest offering in our catalog – Cotton Candy!  Easy to make and delicious to eat, cotton candy is a must for any event.  On top of that cotton candy is extremely profitable which is great for any fundraising event.  You can find all your cotton candy supplies here in our showroom.

Blue Cotton Candy


Cotton candy equipment comes in many different forms and capacities.  We have a selection of the best options for smaller size operations but can special order larger commercial machines if need be.  Our most common machines are the Econo Floss and Auto Breeze.  Both machines are perfect for any local events or small stores. 

Cotton Candy Supplies

Bazaar & Novelty carries all your cotton candy supply needs to make and sell your product.  Starting with our flavour options they are as follows:



Pink Vanilla

Green Apple

Blue Raspberry

All these sugars come already mixed and save you the trouble of having to mix your own sugar with floss sugar.  Convenient and easy! The last items you will need will be something to serve your cotton candy with.  Our options for this are as follows: Cotton Candy Cones, Regular Floss Bags, and Small Candee Fluff Containers (special order).


Everyone’s favourite snack popcorn – Bazaar & Novelty carries a wide variety of popcorn supplies to meet all your needs.  From poppers and kernels to bags and seasoning we have what you need.  

Snack food


We stock a basic list of poppers that meet most peoples’ demands however, we do have access to larger commerical poppers to meet any demands including hot air poppers and caramel corn poppers.  We have a long standing partnership with Cretors based in Chicago who have been making great poppers for over 100 years.  Our basic stock poppers are as follows: 

GR 6 6oz popper
T-2000 80z popper
Trilogy 16oz Popper

GR 6 6oz popper

T-2000 8oz popper

T-3000 12oz popper

Trilogy 16oz popper

Poppi Hot Air popper
(special order)


To go with our variety of poppers, we have all the kernels, oil and salt you will need to make great fresh, hot popcorn! Our selection is as follows:

Butterfly Corn (44lbs)

Mushroom Corn (35lbs)

Yellow or White Coconut Oil (44lbs)

Popping Oil (4x4L)

Topping Oil (4x4L)

Bulk Butter Salt (35lbs)

Butter Salt (2lbs)

One of the most used items is our 8oz All-in-One pre measured popcorn packs.  These come with pre measured salt, oil and kernels to make a perfect batch everytime!  

Harlans all in one popcorn pack

Popcorn Seasoning/Accessories

Add some extra flavour to your popcorn using one of our savoury seasonings from Kernels.  These come in 1lb shakers and are a great addition to any popcorn set up.

  • Canadian Cheddar
  • White Cheddar
  • Dill Pickle
  • Ketchup
  • Salt & Vinehar
  • Sour Cream & Onion

Another flavour option we carry is our Glaze Pop.  These allow you to make entire batches with unique flavours.  Pop several of them to make a mixture of flavours.  Our glaze pop options are as follows:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Caramel
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Grape
  • Red Cinnamon
  • Sweet Corn

Lastly is our selection of popcorn bags/containers.  We have a variety of options in our popcorn bags and containers.  Below is a condensed list of our options: 

  • Popcorn Containers (#32, 46, 85, 130, 170 all special order)
  • Popcorn Theatre Bags (46oz, 85oz, 170oz all special order)
  • Popcorn Boxes (3.5E, 4E, 5E all special order)
  • Popcorn Unlined Bags Small/Large (most popular)
  • Poly Popcorn Bags (18oz, 30oz)