Hot Cappuccino

Boyd's Hot Cappuccino

 A perfect warm offering for those chilly days is Boyd’s Hot Cappuccino.  We have all the best mixtures to offer in your equipment as well as the cups, lids and trays.  


We have two different machines on offer to meet your cappuccino needs.  Our machines come in a three-head system and a five-head system.  Both require water lines or the use of a flow jet pump into a water bottle.  Both are easy to operate with canisters inside the machine that holds your product.  Pushing the button on the front mixes the product with water and dispenses it into your cup.

Hot Cappuccino Supplies

We carry all the mixes and accessories to go with your machine
  • French Vanilla

  • English Toffee

  • Hot Chocolate

  • White Chocolate Caramel

  • Hi-Rev Mocca

  • Cookies n Creme

  • Seasonal offerings (call to inquire)

We also stock a variety of insulated and paper cups to serve the hot cappuccino in
  • 8 oz (only avaialbe in paper, requires special lid)

  • 12 oz

  • 16 oz

  • 20 oz

  • 12 oz/16 oz/20 oz one size fits all lid