Perfect Fry Fryers/Pizza Warmers

Perfect Fry Fryers

Perfect Fry fryers are a cost-effective way to offer a variety of foods from your location.  These all-in-one units are self-venting and do not require the use of hoods like a standard deep fryer would.  This makes serving french fries and other fried foods very convenient for any location.  


Perfect Fry fryers come in two different models.  Our basic model the PFC semi-automatic is the entry-level fryer.  It automatically moves the fries in and out of the oil but requires someone to load and unload the basket.  A great machine for a lower volume location being able to cook approximately 40-45 pounds of fries an hour.  The upgrade version and our best offering is the PFA fully automatic version.  This one comes with a loading area that automatically adds the food into the basket for you.  When it’s done it pulls the food out of the oil and automatically dumps it out into a catch bin.  In its rapid fry mode, it can do up to 70 pounds of fries an hour! 

Perfect Fry Fryer

Pizza Warmers

Cretors Pizza Warmer

Bazaar & Novelty has several options for a pizza warmer.  We even offer an all-in-one unit that allows you to cook frozen pizza in the bottom before putting them in the warmer above.  Our stock offerings are as follows:

  • 16 inch (can be bought with a combo oven on bottom)