State Fair Mini Donuts/Sno-Cones

State Fair Mini Donuts

The newest addition to our snack food line, State Fair Mini Donuts!  These donuts come frozen and once thawed can be warmed up and ready to serve in only 30 seconds.  The donuts are pre-cooked so the oven is simply heating them up.  Once they come out of the oven, throw them in a bag, add sugar, shake and serve.  A great addition to anyone’s food selection!  

It’s super simple to make these delicious donuts!  The video below gives you a quick rundown on how to warm and serve these ready-made donuts.  

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This simple oven is all you need to start making hot fresh mini donuts. The oven is 120v and heats up in less than 2 minutes. Once heated up all you need to do is load the donuts and wait for them to drop out the back. Simple!  

Mini Donut Supplies

In addition to the machine, you only require a few items to start making hot fresh donuts and they are: State Fair Frozen Mini Donuts, Serving Bags, and Cinnamon Sugar/Bottle

Sno Kone

A classic summer favourite. Take ice, shave it, add bold flavours, serve in a cone or bowl. 


These are our available units. Both simple to use, and will have you serving delicious treats in no time at all!