Waffle Program

We offer a waffle program that has proven successful in numerous hotels and restaurants in Northwestern Ontario.  With the program, we put in waffle irons at no charge to you the customer.  There is a minimum use per month of our waffle mix in order to keep the irons in your location.  Once you are set up you can make easy declicious waffles! 

Along with the waffle mix and irons, we have dispensors to hold your product in for serving and portion cups to help keep your costs in line.  The cups are 7oz by design and this allows the guest to put the perfect amount of mix to make the perfect waffle every time.  

Waffle Setup

Fruit Toppings/Chocolate Toppings

We have a variety of premium high quality fruit toppings from the J.Hungerford Smith line of products to choose from.  Loaded with real fruit, these toppings are the best on the market and offer a great presentation for you to sell.

Sun Plus Juice

 To add to your breakfast lineup, we have a line of concentrated Sun Plus Juice.  These products come in a shelf-stable form which is great to keep waste down.  The cartridges load into a 2 or 4 head machine with portion control.  The portion control aspect lets you know exactly how much juice you are dispensing and keeps your costs exactly where you want and need them. 

  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Grapefruit (Special Order)
  • Orange Guava (Special Order)
  • Sweet Ice Tea (Special Order)
  • Fruit Punch (Special Order)
  • Lemonade (Special Order)
  • Grape (Special Order)